An International Incident

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Earlier this year, I entered both of my novels (Fabric of a Generation and Pharaoh's Shadow) in the Author Elite Award (AEA) competition. Fabric of a Generation won the 2020 AEA for Best Young Adult Fiction. The AEA is a global award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in 16 categories: advice, business, children's and middle grade, fantasy, general fiction, general nonfiction, health, historical fiction, memoir, mystery, religious nonfiction, clean romance, science fiction, self-help, thriller, and young adult (YA). I was the only author who had more than one book that made it to the final round.

Fabric of a Generation follows the family saga of the Wilson household. In this contemporary/historical fantasy mashup, a troubled teen's world is turned upside down when, after finding a mystical object in the attic, she is sent on various misadventures through time.

Pharaoh's Shadow is a historical novel about an ancient conspiracy to kill a king based on the 3,000 year old true life plot to murder Ramesses III, the reigning pharaoh of the 20th dynasty in ancient Egypt.

Both books competed against hundreds of submissions to become top-10 finalists in the historical fiction and YA category, respectively. However, Fabric of a Generation, won in the YA category.

If you would like a signed copy of either book (NOTE: There is limited availability for Pharaoh's Shadow), you can place an order online at If you prefer audiobooks, you can get the Fabric of a Generation audiobook for FREE with a first-time audible sign up HERE. The audiobook for Pharaoh's Shadow is available HERE.

A huge, "Thank you!" to all my family, friends, and followers who voted for my book(s). Thank you so much for all of your endeavors on my behalf. I appreciate it so much.

You can watch my acceptance speech on my Facebook author page. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news about my works in progress and for special sales and promos. And, stay tuned for some exciting news coming in a few weeks (in November).