Fabric of a Generation Book Launch Party

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

My debut historical fantasy novel, Fabric of a Generation, officially launched today! The main character in my book is Miranda Wilson. Miranda is a 16-year-old daddy’s girl, soccer star, lover of magic, and self-proclaimed critic of all things with a historical “vibe.” She happily torments her younger brother Christopher, a chess prodigy who is often the voice of reason she ignores.

Miranda hopes to escape the overly ambitious grasp of her negligent, workaholic mother, Anne. She hates her history class the way most teenaged girls hate curfews or missing a sale at the mall! She would much rather skip school to visit her favorite magic shop, tease her younger brother, and kick her opponents’ butts on the soccer field.

When Miranda finds a mystical object in the attic, her discovery initiates a free fall through time. Miranda thinks all her dreams have come true, but as she navigates through the hilarious, treacherous, and heartbreaking road to maturity, the strained relationship between her and her mother ignites a troubled path to find her way back home.

Fabric of a Generation is a coming-of-age tale with a family saga that explores the rabbit-hole misadventures of a teen who secretly wishes she could disappear. One day, her wish comes true. This is her story.

Come meet Miranda!