Gift Wish List for Your Bookish Friends

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Looking for unique gifts for your book-loving bestie or your head-in-the-hardback hubby? Look no further! I’ve curated gifts for all types of literary lovers. Enjoy!

For the trendy bookworm

  1. Floating bookshelves add a sophisticated touch to any space. These casual shelves are great way to show off your kids' favorite readers, make a great addition in your home library, or even as a creative way to display cookbooks in your kitchen. They come in various styles as well: rustic, industrial, traditional, contemporary, and sleek and modern.

  2. Book bags make a bold statement when at home or on the go. This Great Gatsby pouch can be used as a clutch or to store office supplies or makeup. Or, pick up this Harry Potter satchel or Beauty & the Beast book purse for a more traditional handbag.

  3. Cute tees let you treasure your bookworm tendencies. Announce your adoration for books to the world. Wear your book love on your sleeve. Or, just have fun: It's not hoarding, Easily distracted, and Get Lit. They even have one for the writer in the family.

  4. Other ideas: Tie lovers who enjoy reading will love this library book necktie. Here is another way to wear your books around your neck. Or, simply request golden silence.

For the traditional bibliophile

  1. Bookends can liven up the loneliest of bookshelves. Choose something retro, sleek and clever, with storage, a little bit more lofty, or go au naturel.

  2. Bookmarks let you leave your mark on the world wherever you go. Boast your inner girl boss, laugh at your curfew, or enjoy a cup of java.

  3. Literary art prints can perk up any bare wall. Select something vintage-inspired, classic, or whimsical.

  4. Other ideas: Grab a personal library kit, keep it under lock and seal, light it up, or plate it.

For the modern reader

  1. Subscribe to what brings joy. Audible, Audible Escape, and Kindle Unlimited, are great giftables.

  2. Amazon's kindle fire is great for family and friends who prefer to read ebooks. I love mine, especially when I travel. It's small enough to fit in my purse and isn't a hassle to carry around. I especially love not being forced to choose books I want to bring with me. Instead, I can bring my whole library with me and read whatever I am in the mood for at any given moment. They even make a version for kids.

  3. Unique decals help personalize your laptop. Check out this book background, motivational quote from Harry Potter, and book nerd decal.

  4. Other ideas: Want a more full-service device? Opt for an iPad. Or, go small. I just purchased the iPad mini so that I can sync it with my iPhone and use it on the go, or when I craft. When all that reading takes a toll, give them a much-needed rest with this wireless massager. Ready to forge ahead? Jot down your best ideas with this LCD writing tablet for kids and adults alike.

For the creative book nerd

  1. Coasters keep your tables from being damaged and are a great conversation starter. Get something feminine, a bit darker, go trendy, or choose something more standard.

  2. Letters from the past will make the hearts of all the history buffs on your gift list skip a beat. This program allows you to give (or receive) "a spontaneous weekly dose of history" from various historical actors and eye witnesses throughout time in the form of letters.

  3. Miniatures are a nice choice for those who like to create with their hands. I recently bought this miniature book library, and I can't wait to put it together! I've also got my eye on the fairy library and this petite library room.

  4. Other ideas: Grab a book cookie cutter for the baker in the family, Book Lovers' Scrabble for those who enjoy traditional Scrabble game play but with a twist for book lovers), or this puzzle paradise for readers.

For the savvy student (or busy boss)

  1. Rocketbooks are sustainable and (well) just cool! I have Everlast Rocketbooks in both the letter and executive size. I love mine so much that I bought my mother and sister one, too! Once you use it, writing with traditional pen and paper will make you feel like a caveman. Trust!

  2. Coffee mugs are a practical option that doesn't have to be boring. My sister bought me this Jane Austen one for my birthday last year. I adore it! But, you can also go darker or more general.

  3. Planners help you (ahem ...) plan! This one will entice even the most studious bibliophile to stay the course!

  4. Other ideas: insulated lunch bag, windproof umbrella, desktop calendar, or a book journal to keep track of what you read or to record details of your reading experience.

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