Going Back to School ...

I have always been passionate about literature and sharing my passion for the written word with family and friends. Sometimes, though, if we are not careful, that passion can dim over time due to competing priorities and the complex demands of life. But, there is just something incredibly special about talking to young adults about writing. Their intense thirst for learning has the ability to inspire even the most book-averse person on the planet to plunge into multiple literary adventures or to pen the world's next best seller.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of giving an author talk at my local middle school. The students there were so inquisitive that it continued to stoke that life-long passion for the written word within me. It felt so good to share with them my process as a writer, how I plot and plan, and the immersive way I find inspiration.

Are you having problems courting the muse? Or, perhaps, all the holiday hubbub has got you bogged down in the busyness of the season or feeling drained by familial obligations. Well, I think it's time you remember why you fell in love with writing or reading in the first place. Then, consider sharing those reasons with the people you love (or adorable little strangers like the ones above). 😉