Guest Post from Historical Fiction Author, Nancy Huber

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

At eight years old, Nancy Huber wrote and illustrated her first two mini-novels and brought them to a little shop, hoping they would print her stories. A few years later, in the sixth grade, a best-selling author visited her classroom and read from one of her books. School was never interesting to the author, but, on that day, she sat on the edge of her seat. The moment the author had finished reading, Nancy Huber jumped up from her seat and ran to the front. She wanted to be the first one to shake the author’s hand. In doing so, she revealed that she, too, would one day become an author.

Many years went by. The author got married and gave birth to four children. In her spare time, she journaled and wrote short stories for herself. However, for 40 years, Nancy Huber kept her writing a secret.

It was only after she stopped homeschooling her two youngest and sent them off to high school that she sat down and wrote her very first time-travel romance. It was published under a different name the first time in 2015. Two years ago, it was re-published under the name Escape Through Time, along with a brand-new cover. Now, five years later, Nancy Huber is about to publish her third novel, Days of Fire.

For the last three years, this topic had been on her heart. Again and again, she felt compelled to write the story of the Maccabean Revolt. Every year, during Hanukkah, the feeling became stronger and more powerful than any other times during the year. Finally, one day, the author sat down and began writing the first few chapters.

Fifty pages into the novel, the author’s mind went blank, unsure about all the battle scenes she would have to write. Discouraged, she turned away from the pages and wrote Kingdom of Eternity, a time-travel story set in ancient Egypt, during the times of the 10 plagues. After Kingdom of Eternity was published, the author knew she had to listen to the voice within her and finish writing Days of Fire.

It was in January 2019 that the author felt compelled to sit down in front of her laptop. She could no longer ignore the voice fighting inside of her. The story of Judah Maccabeus and his brothers had to be told. She knew the world had forgotten this brave and outstanding family. The world had forgotten the times of oppression and discrimination, where religious freedom was taken from the people. This was a time like no other. It was meant to be a lesson for us all. An unpleasant and bittersweet taste of the future we are now entering, slowly. Could it be that history repeats itself?

After Judah and his brothers restored Jerusalem and the Temple, the yearly celebration of Hanukkah, called The Days of Dedication was created. It was also called the Days of Fire. After I read this in 2. Maccabees, I felt excitement. I knew I had found my title, and my historical time-travel romance, Days of Fire, was born.

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