A Holiday Gift Guide: 2020—Year of the Pandemic

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Let's face it. This was a tough year! 2020 had us reeling from the demand for high-speed Internet, arguments with loved ones for privacy, and prayers that co-workers would learn best web cam practices (Hello, boxers!).

So, don't shirk on those stocking stuffers or holiday presents. Even gifts in a year full of stress and disappointment can be meaningful (or just plain cool). And, we all need some positivity right about now. Even that annoying neighbor with the festive light display that can be seen from space could use a little peace and goodwill. So, let's get gifting!

For the run-down remote worker

  1. Office swag can add a touch of playful sophistication to your home work space with festive note cubes, decorative pens, lanyards, and tumblers.

  2. Privacy promoters may be a welcome addition for people with no dedicated home office, those who have to take Zoom calls in their living room, or people in desperate need of transforming the toddler's play room into a multifunctional space. This portable room divider has classic cubicle vibes for those who miss the daily trek to work. Or, you can match your room décor and go traditional, farmhouse, or contemporary.

  3. Noise-cancelling headphones provide the perfect tech for those with kids at home or roommates. Spending the day working at the local coffee shop may sound idyllic, but unless you're an author who enjoys people-watching or are trying to improve your dialogue-writing skills, cafés can often be a noisy distraction. This premium headset is sure to create a better listening experience in any setting. Try this mid-range model to easily use touch sensor controls that can activate your voice assistant, answer phone calls, or access the quiet mode for effortless conversations. This budget set won't bust the budget and can still neutralize environmental sounds.

  4. Other ideas: Give support to your loved one, level up their seating situation, help them improve their concentration, look their best, or get comfy while staying productive.

For the stay-at-home superhero

  1. Diffusers can boost your mood and transform any room into a more serene space. I love my doTerra Lumo diffuser. It covers up to 540 sq. feet, has 7 color therapy options, and 3 intermittent presets with up to 10 hours of use.

  2. Bath bombs allow you relax in the comfort of your own home. Turn your bathroom into an oasis with this lush self-care set, this premium unwind kit, or these indulgent fizzies that are perfect for bath time at any time.

  3. Foot spas can wipe away the cares of the world in one soak! I love my foot spa. If ever I'm in a house fire, I'm grabbing my laptop and THIS!

  4. Other ideas: Gift a mini massager, staycation mug, sauna blanket, or facial masks.

For the dedicated doer

  1. Wake Up Machines ease the hardest-working individual into their day. These digital routine creators can simulate sunrise and sunset, treat insomnia, and better coax you into dreamland.

  2. Portable projectors offer entertainment on the go. Find your fun in your backyard, car, or wherever makes you happiest.

  3. Microlights illuminate your path, whether trapped at home or exploring the great outdoors. Mini flashlights are great for camping, night reading, and emergency situations. I usually keep mine on my keychain for quick use.

  4. Other ideas: Invest in a guidebook that guarantees to recapture your joie de vivre, an experience book that lets you nerd out at national parks, or a field book where you can chronicle your latest adventures.

For the gallant goal getter

  1. Planners keep your priorities front and center. When I was in law school, I put in 20-hour days and used a daily planner from Franklin Covey with hourly time trackers to record my class + work schedule, homework assignments, and daily tasks. Detailed daily organizers were a must back then. Now, I use my beloved classic Happy Planner in the vertical format. It appeases my creative side while allowing my Type-A personality to stay super organized.

  2. Journals are the perfect medium for helping you to decompress after a long day. Use a fitness or wellness journal to chart your health. Jot down your thoughts and feelings in a traditional or dotted grid journal. Or, use journals to draw/doodle, track daily intentions or dreams, bucket lists, wish lists, and goal-planning.

  3. Magnetic Chalkboards keep even the busiest person at the ready. Use monthly calendars, menu planners, chore charts, or jumbo planners to stay abreast of important dates, events, tasks, and plans.

  4. Other ideas: Purchase a smart speaker, smart display, smart watch, smart USB charger, or mini smart printer for the relentless multi-tasker.

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